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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

A. Our highest commitment is to Christ. The quest for truth culminates in the person of Christ who is “the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.� (John 14:6)

B. The true goal of learning is to come to know our Creator and His creation and to use our knowledge to further His kingdom and bring glory to His name.

C. Self-discovery cannot be achieved without a proper knowledge of God. Only by coming to know the One who made us can we approach a proper knowledge of ourselves.

D. The Bible is central to education. All academic disciplines will be subject to the authority of inspired Scripture, which is absolute truth, so that each student develops a Christian worldview. Graduating students will have established a Biblical foundation that will guide their thinking for the rest of their lives. The student who has a Christian worldview will be better prepared to integrate all other learning into a coherent whole.

E. LCS will teach students to seek truth. Students will learn that absolute truth does exist, and that these truths are found in the revealed word of God and from the evidence of God's creation.

A. LCS will maintain a commitment to academic excellence.

B. It is a fundamental purpose of LCS to provide a solid foundation in basic skills, and often classes are accelerated to meet students needs.

C. The administration and faculty will work together to adopt the best methods and materials to meet the school's balanced learning objectives.

Christian World View
A. Students will be taught to be transformers of culture. They will be trained to defend themselves from being detrimentally influenced by culture (Romans 12:2). They will be prepared to stand against the temptations and evils that contemporary society lays before them. They will learn to uphold the good without withdrawing in isolation from culture. They will confront new technology and learn to neither fear nor be awed by the products of human industry.

B. Students will learn that the truths of Christianity are learned not by mere mental ascent, but that they must be lived out to be truly acquired. Christ-likeness is not apprehended by cognitive functions alone, as other disciplines are, but it is received only when it rests in the inmost affection of the heart. Christian learning should provide ample opportunity to put students' faith to the test.

Excerpted from the preschool's website