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Jack & Jill Preschool Daycare

131 Lafayette Street
Saint Marys, WV 26170

(304) 684-3000


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Jack & Jill Preschool believes that children learn through active play experiences in settings that are specifically designed to facilitate learning. Our unique facility, combined with age appropriate supplies, materials, and equipment, creates a safe, challenging, and fun world for children. We believe that children thrive in settings in which each child is recognized as an individual and offered all of the understanding, love, nurturing, and affection he or she needs to mature.
Our teachers are committed to understanding, protecting, and preserving each child's uniqueness. They know and understand children's development and create the best possible intellectual and effective programs for each child. They also provide children with excellent role models by demonstrating responsibility, creativity, patience, empathy, and consistency while maintaining a good sense of humor about the joys of childhood. Our teachers believe that self-control emerges from clear, consistent rules, explanations of consequences of misbehavior, and predictable guidance and discipline techniques. Working toward increased self-control is an important goal at Jack & Jill.
Our program allows for diversity and individuality within the framework of age-appropriate curriculum goals. We believe our teachers must be able to communicate these program goals effectively to parents. We are committed to insuring that your children are the result of careful, age appropriate curriculum planning and implementation.
Jack & Jill recognizes the relationship between teacher competence and program. We are committed to making our teachers as innovative, resourceful, and capable as they can be. Teachers seek opportunities to learn and grow through educational training to improve their skills. Teachers achieve professional recognition for early childhood education through regular evaluation designed to recognize teaching skills and competence and to identify training needs.
Parents are the most important adults in a child's life, and our relationship to families is a helpful one. We recognize that parents are most satisfied with our program when trust forms the basis of home/school relations. Jack & Jill Preschool strives to provide frequent information about experiences during the childcare day, regular communication about the progress toward curriculum goals, opportunities for involvement in life at the center, as well as opportunities to gain insight and information about the most important role --- parenting.
We believe teaching basic principles and concepts of the Bible is the foundation for all other learning. The ABEKA Book Bible Program presents the Bible in a narrative style along with curriculum that focuses on phonics and letter and number recognition. The lessons flow from the Word of God, through the heart of the teacher, to the heart of the student.
"Never underestimate the power of God's Word. As you study it and as you teach it, allow it to speak for itself. A faithful teaching of the word of God, unmixed with the system of man, will provide the receptive hearer with a firm foundation for life and a shield against error." Teacher's Curriculum Guide, Paul's Missionary Journeys.
Finally, living up to the philosophy is every staff member's responsibility. We expect every Jack & Jill employee to play a role in assuring quality.
Excerpted from the preschool's website