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Lighthouse Christian Academy

2440 Us Route 60
Hurricane, WV 25526-9537

(304) 562-3900


Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"Purpose and Philosophy: Lighthouse Christian Academy, a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, purposes to provide a program of education that upholds a high standard of scholastic excellence all the while offering the credits and courses prescribed by the State of West Virginia with “exemption K� status for private schools. We believe instruction has as its integrated center the faith and principles as laid down in the Word of God. The end result of all instruction must be the development of positive Christian personalities adequately prepared to take their place in the home, the church, and in society.

The purpose of Lighthouse Christian Academy is to be an extension of the home and the church, and thus to provide a continuity of training for young people which integrates and nurtures each student's spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional development for the purpose of equipping them for service by reflecting a Christian worldview.

The purpose of Lighthouse Christian Academy is to furnish a high quality program in a safe and secure environment where teaching and learning are conducted and directed by Christian teachers who believe His Word has the highest authority and who provide a strong character building atmosphere so the child may learn through developmentally appropriate and varied experiences.

The purpose of Lighthouse Christian Academy is to furnish a Christ-centered, high quality education that promotes unity of spirit and avoids denominational issues that tend to divide believers. Such teaching is left up to the child's parents and home church. (Rom. 13:19)

Excerpted from the preschool's website