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St John's Lutheran School

Sixth and Cady Streets
Watertown, WI 53094-3811

(920) 261-3756


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"St. John's Lutheran School exists to provide Christ?centered education for children. It is a full?time educational agency, giving every child an opportunity not found in any public school ?? A BALANCED PROGRAM for the SOUL, MIND, and BODY. We believe that an education without Christ is one without foundation and real purpose. We believe that all school subjects must be taught in the light of God's inspired and errorless Word.
Our goals are a solid education in secular learning and a solid spiritual and moral training based on the immovable foundation of Holy Scripture to prepare our children for a God?pleasing life here on earth and for eternal life in heaven. The underlying philosophy of our Christian education is based on faith in Jesus, the Savior. Through Him we are reconciled to God the Father and are assured of forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven through the working of God's Holy Spirit. We aim to let God's wisdom, as revealed in the Bible, speak on all matters. This Christ-centered philosophy, and God's blessings on all our endeavors, should motivate our children to strive for a life on earth that reflects their love for God and all people.
In Christian education nothing is purposely neglected that is considered essential to a curriculum of elementary education. Based on the principle that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"(Proverbs 9:10), a complete course of study is offered in the secular subjects commonly taught in Preschool-Grade 8. Our school strives to do this with the conviction that it involves precious gifts of God which are to be cherished and used so the child can take his proper place in and render valuable service to the home, community, and church.
The full cooperation of parents, teachers, students, and congregation is needed to carry out our God?given privilege of giving our children a sound, well?rounded, Christ?centered education. May our Lord and Savior, who has commanded us to "feed His lambs", and who graciously guides us in this labor of love, continue to show us His kindness as we endeavor to carry out this important and rewarding work.
The chief objectives of St. John's Lutheran School are:
1. To teach God's Word diligently in obedience to God's command, so young disciples of Christ may be strengthened in their faith.
2. To provide for the child's temporal and spiritual welfare by means of a complete Christian education.
3. To build Christian character.
4. To strengthen the Christian home and our congregation.
5. To teach Christian citizenship for both country and church.
6. To teach children to evaluate all ideas in light of God's Word.
7. To instill in each child a love for work in God's Kingdom.
8. To encourage continued Christian growth in our graduates through Lutheran high school, Youth League, and Bible classes.
9. To encourage capable, consecrated boys and girls to prepare themselves as pastors, teachers, and lay leaders in the Lord's church.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"6 AM- St. John's Extended Care opens.
7:15 Jones Street entrance is open for students eating breakfast at school.
7:45 - Sixth St. doors and all classrooms open. Students arriving before 7:45 should wait at the Jones Street entrance, where teacher supervision begins at 7:35. Our Daycare is available for students arriving before 7:30 AM. No playing of any kind is permitted on the playground before school.
7:45-8:10 Students are to go directly to their classrooms unless paying for lunches or taking care of business at the school office. After arrival until 8:10, students are expected to be in their classrooms, quietly studying and/or preparing for their instruction in the Word of God and the other subjects. This is also usually the time for special teacher help and memory work recitations.
8:10 - School day begins. A student is considered tardy if not in the classroom by this time. Please don't make a habit of arriving a minute before the bell!
10:50 -Morning preschool dismissal. Please pick up your child promptly if not using our extended care.
11:20 -12:30 - Lunch time
3:00 - School day closes. Except for children waiting for buses, rides, or after-school activities, all students are expected to leave the school grounds immediately after dismissal. No provision is made for outdoor supervision after school hours. No playground playing until after 3:15. Parents will be informed if a child is asked to remain after school.
Conduct of students between home and school is a matter of Christian concern to both parents and teachers. In this area where children are "on their own," they should be impressed with a Christian respect for other people and their property, and with Christian concern for the safety of their schoolmates and themselves.
Excerpted from the preschool's website