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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Prairie School is a child-centered, college-preparatory day school whose mission is to educate our children, develop their individual talents, interests and abilities, and affirm their dignity and self-worth.

We foster academic excellence, leadership and creativity, emphasizing individual success while also recognizing the importance of service to the community.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

I am in Mrs. Rodgers' Early School class � I love my teacher! There are two classes for Early School and my best friend, Jacob, is in Mrs. Carpenter's class.

First thing every morning, Mrs. Rodgers takes us to the writing center or the listening center. We get to draw and color. And play with puzzles and pattern blocks. And create at the chalkboard.

What we do next always changes. We do the calendar and fingerplays with our puppets and learn things about the world. Sometimes we cook. Last week, we learned how to make French toast � we got to eat everything that we cooked!

On special days, we meet our third grade buddies in the computer lab. They help us learn things on the computer. We had to learn the names of all the different parts of the computer before we could use the real computers. Now I have my own computer "license."

Oh, boy! This is center time. Sometimes we work by ourselves � sometimes with our friends. Mrs. Rodgers calls it "exploring." We build neat structures and create with blocks. We love the home living center � we learn about stuff in our house. And now we're learning about life on a farm, with horses and cows and pigs!

10:10 a.m
We get to play games in gym with Mr. Shafer! Games like "Steal the Bacon" and "Mr. Fox - What Time Is It?"

It's snack time because we get hungry working and playing so hard. And then we get to hear a story. My favorites are "Corduroy" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Time for music. We sing songs and play records. And do things with rhythms. I get to play a tambourine! Today we're learning about different kinds of drums.

This is recess, time to go outside and play. We go outside every day except if it's raining or really cold.

My friends who stay for half a day in school get picked up now. I'll see them again tomorrow, and we'll learn so many new things!

I go with my friends to the dining room. My favorite lunch is spaghetti and meatballs. And the cookies are yummy � Mr. Stabenow, our cook, makes them himself.

We get out our sleeping bags and listen to a story. It's just like having a sleepover � only I can invite all my friends. We take a nap or just lie down for some quiet time.

Another snack, and it's just about the right time � my tummy is starting to feel a little empty again.

Back outside to play some more. I am building a snow fort with my friends.

We start to get our things ready for going home. When mommy picks me up, I tell her all about my day all the way home.

I can't wait for tomorrow. It's Grandparents' Day and my Grandpa is going to visit me at school. We are going to do a special project together in class.

Excerpted from the preschool's website