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Good Shepherd Nursery School

4311 - 104th Street
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158-3723

(262) 694-4405


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Good Shepherd Preschool Program Educational Philosophy: In order to prepare a child for Kindergarten, we feel the children we serve must be prepared in the following areas.
Social Skills: Good Shepherd's Preschool Program is a loving, caring, Christian environment where a child is nurtured and supported as they leave home and go off to school. It is in this environment that we tenderly lead each child we serve, to adjust to being away from home while at the same time, help them learn social skills for life. We offer periods of playtime where students can interact with each other. It is at this critical time that our teachers show the students what appropriate behavior is and how they can help each other while at play. We also offer field trips where our students can practice these social skills in various outside environments.
Academic Skills: The Preschool Program is also about the task of developing academic skills that will prepare our students for Kindergarten and for life. We feel a solid, fundamental education is vital for our students and if those skills are learned at an early age, they are more prepared for future learning. Some of the academic skills taught are those of recognizing letters, numbers, shapes, colors, names, and the ability to write them out.
Physical Skills: We have a desire to lead our children to be healthy for life. Along with social and academic skills, we promote physical skills as well. The students are taught small and large motor skills. Small motor skills incorporate the use of hands in coloring, putting puzzles together, painting, writing their names, and using building blocks. Large motor skills incorporate jumping rope, bouncing, throwing, and catching a soft rubber ball, and walking a balance beam. Good Shepherd Preschool sits on a 15 acre site. We have nature trails on 5 acres of our site. The students are taken for nature walks to observe wild flowers, birds, and other things they may encounter in nature.
Moral Skills: Good Shepherd Preschool is a Christian School. We believe that the Bible is our most important moral guide to life. Thus, students are taught stories from the Bible that enables them to see what behaviors are proper and pleasing to God. When a child is behaving improperly, their behavior is reflected against what Jesus would want them to do or not do. This is by no means the last or the least skill taught to our students rather, it is the most important. Therefore, we take time and use patience in guiding our students to live a healthy and God-pleasing life.
Excerpted from the preschool's website