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St Mary's Elementary - TCCES

540 2nd St
Menasha, WI 54952

(920) 725-5351


Partnering with Families- We believe that communication and cooperation with parents and families build a positive foundation for school and learning. Our teachers promote strong communication between school and home. Parent/teacher conferences are offered mid fall and early spring. Parents may request a conference with teachers at any time throughout the year. Flexibility in Scheduling- Our programs allow for flexibility to meet the needs of each individual family. Our administrators and staff will work with you to determine the programs and schedule that work best for your child and your family. School Environment- Our early childhood programs are housed in the TCCES Elementary Schools. Preschoolers have access to outdoor playgrounds, school libraries, updated technology, school gyms, older student role models and a secure environment. To maintain a safe environment for every child, all school entrances are locked and the schools have security systems that monitor visitor and guest admission into the buildings. Contact us anytime to set up a tour!

Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

From the Director:

Curriculum -Nurture faith development by modeling Catholic values -Foster self-esteem and feelings of inclusion and self-worth by building class cooperation and respect -Develop physical coordination and control through large-and small- motor activities -Promote reading readiness and the related skills of speaking and writing by integrating them daily -Nurture mathematics readiness by promoting observation, discovery activities, concrete experiences and playful creativity -Explore and nurture self-awareness and observation through hands-on learning -Offer field trips to expand the curriculum beyond the school walls -Incorporate social skills, cooperation, manners and respect for others in the classroom environment and daily expectations -Teach and celebrate holidays, traditions and different cultures

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Every Child is Unique-
The TCCES Early Childhood Programs provides a Catholic environment, which fosters positive values and attitudes. It encompasses the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical developmental needs of each young child. Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools (WCRIS) accredit all TCCES Schools.

Each child is an individual. Our preschool and prekindergarten teachers nurture a child's natural curiosity for learning and encourage self-motivation and independence. The program promotes an awareness and acceptance of each person's uniqueness. A positive self-image is developed through recognizing the many gifts and talents of every child.