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Westminster Presbyterian Church

6015 Summitview Avenue
Yakima, WA 98908

(509) 966-1900


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission


1. Awareness of Christian concepts and responses as related to the child's experience and level of development.

a. God is the Creator

b. Jesus is Lord and Savior

c. Love

d. Forgiveness

e. God is our friend and is always near

f. ā€œIā€ am special to God

2. Responses to the Christian concepts

a. Prayer

b. Bible teaching

c. Songs

d. Social relationships

e. Memorization


1. Communication skills

a. Encourage eye contact for better listening

b. Develop a sense of the appropriate use of the English language

c. Increase the child's vocabulary

d. Ability to follow verbal directions

e. Create an atmosphere for maturity

f. Provide a safe environment to use communication skills

2. Science

a. Involve the child in the wonder of natural growth

b. Increase his/her interest in the world around him/her

c. Introduce concepts of high/low, over/under, big/little, top/bottom, etc.

d. Ideas of quantity and corresponding numerals

e. Introduce the child to the life cycle (seasons, plants, animals)

3. Creative experience

a. Encourage child to explore music, art, poetry, drama and dance

b. Encourage child to make use of senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell)

c. Use of the arts to help the child understand and appreciate cause and effect

d. Encourage use of imagination and role playing

4. Math

a. Introduce concepts of sorting, patterning and grouping using colors, sizes and shapes

b. Introduce basic counting skills


1. Positive separation of parent and child

2. Learn positive ways to show respect and share

3. Learn Christian values

4. Develop a growing ability to relate to others


Develop positive self image
Develop inner control over behavior
Positively react to experiences they encounter
Recognize and discuss feelings


Use of physical experience as release for the child's natural tensions
Use of physical experience to develop large muscles and coordination
Use of physical experience to give child a sense of pleasure in mastery of bodily skills.
Encourage pleasure in the use of these skills in group activities


Build positive relationships between parents, child and teacher
Parent is child's first and best teacher
Encourage and support parents with spiritual growth
Help create a positive learning environment in the home "
Excerpted from the preschool's website