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Montessori Skinner Elementary School

5001 NE 66th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 696-4862


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Skinner Montessori School is based on the belief that each child is
capable of achievements both emotionally and intellectually that surpass
the norm to which society has traditionally believed. The staff is committed
to: touching both the heart and the mind of every student; teaching
respect for all living and non-living things; and helping a child understand
that he always has a choice and that he is responsible for his actions
and the consequences that ensue, whether positive or negative.
The school is committed to offering an academic program comprised of
high expectations, yet tempered with love and a respect for the differences
in each student’s learning ability. It is strongly committed toward
using positive reinforcement as a means of modifying impolite behavior.
Responsibilities are assigned to students as a means of helping them realize
the importance of their role in the environment.
The idea of caring for one another is basic to the school’s entire approach.
The older students serve as role models for the younger children.
The older children are taught to be responsible for the younger
ones physically, emotionally, and academically. All students are exposed
to the idea, early on in their experience at Skinner, that the talents
each of them have are special and should be nurtured, shared, and
treated with care.
The academic and social well-being of each student is viewed by the
school as a joint commitment between the parents and the school. The
child is better served when the staff and parents are directed towards
the same goal: consequently, the school encourages an open door policy
between the parents and the staff/administration."
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Primary School Daily Activities

The morning work session begins at 8:30 AM. During this time, children
may choose equipment they have been presented from the different areas:
Practical Life; Sensorial; Language; Mathematics; Music; Political Geography;
Physical Geography; and Biology. Children may choose to work by
themselves or with other children. Regardless of what they choose, they
know they are responsible for packing the equipment away and returning it
to the shelf.
Children in the Primary class may choose to have snack whenever the
snack table is free. The morning work session goes until about 11:00 AM,
when the children are asked to pack away their work and join the teacher
at circle. Circle time can be a story time, singing songs, etc. Students
start setting up for lunch at about 11:30 AM. Lunch begins approximately
at 12:00 PM with recess following until 1:00 PM.
All children wash up after recess activities before they lie down for their afternoon
nap or begin the afternoon work session. Again, there is the freedom
to choose individual work, to join others in their work, or to have a lesson
with the teacher or assistant. The choices they had in the morning are
the same choices they have in the afternoon. About 2:20 PM, children are
asked to pack away or to get up from nap and prepare for afternoon release.
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Excerpted from the preschool's website