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Southside Christian School

401 East 30th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99203

(509) 838-8139


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"preschool children can have opportunities to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

Our expectation is that every student reaches his or her highest potential academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our curriculum and teacher expertise ensures students are provided with high expectations and the underlying instruction and guidance needed to achieve those expectations.

Southside Christian School strives for excellence. We believe that excellence is enabling every child to fulfill their God given potential. We are each created uniquely.

Specific learning goals and expectations change as children progress through grade levels. Individual teachers will share their year long goals and class work expectations.

Southside Christian School is founded upon certain educational beliefs. Our school is based on the following statements: Each child is a unique individual, infinitely valuable because he/she is made in the image of, and valued by God.

We must allow children to learn to think, understand, and see the central truths of Christianity quite clearly. Our Christian faith need not be compartmentalized from secular subjects. It fits reality and provides intellectually defensible answers. Children must be helped to develop habits of obedience, discipline, consideration, concentration, and self-control. Children must be provided a rich, broad curriculum. There are certain ideas, incidents, and facts that every child should know. The curriculum must be carefully planned to provide the best in ideas, culture, literature, writing, math, science, and history. Children must be allowed to learn at a level and speed appropriate to the individual who is progressing at his own rate of development. High standards are expected to be met, but always at a level appropriate to the child's ability. Children must be given opportunities and instruction to develop appreciation of and abilities in art, music, language, and physical health. We desire that the child come to understand and enjoy areas of the curriculum. This requires a process of personal involvement in learning, the use of many appropriate sources, and an opportunity for the child to demonstrate or put into practice what he/she has learned."
Excerpted from the preschool's website