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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

From the Director:

Kids need their share of "play" at this age, no doubt... but it's amazing how educational "play" can be. I try to encourage/implement education through "play". I am a firm believer in "balance" in all things in life, including learning. I don't "instruct" much, but I do "guide" organized learning. As I mentioned in my Philosophy, Kindergarten has changed and it is VERY important to get these kids ready for the social and educational expectations that they are heading into!

Quality of Teaching

Individualized Teaching: From the Director

Be aware of the needs/challenges of each child and work to those needs without pointing them out or "labelling" this early. This is why I LOVE having a small number of children~ I know where they are "lagging" and can work 1on1 if needed or implement their needs "quietly" in a group setting!

Day in the Life

General School Mission

We are always working to be ready educationally and socially for Kindergarten! The small number of kids allows me to be very aware of where the kids are and what I need to be doing to help them be more prepared. Since it is my own program I am able to switch it up at any time if they need something different right then. My philosophy on education is that it should remain as positive as possible. If the kids are busy, there isn't usually much time "get into trouble". There is a good balance between instruction & free-choice because I believe in learning social behavior and implementing creativity through play, although, I believe prek needs to prepare them for instruction time because Kindergarten has changed immensly from when we were little, and our little ones WILL fall behind accademically if they aren't ready to have an attention span & follow directions.

A Typical Day

My kids come in and sign their name w/dry erase markers on the 'sign in sheet' & put their things away in their cubbies.
Outline of our 2.5 hours:
1)organized educational centers (thematic)
2)free-choice (varies on how long centers take)
3)circle time (alphabet, letter of the week, calander, songs/poems, choose jobs...)
4)snack & sharing (they can share each day)
5)classroom jobs/clean up
6)10mins free-choice or outside if weather ok:)
7)story time (read-aloud)
8)math/science activity (thematic)
9)drawing for treasure chest (they get in by showing good behavior & doing their jobs all day:)
10)pack up & go home~

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

I am VERY connected with my parents via day-to-day drop off's & pick up's, emails, newsletters, texts, etc. I am able to confront an "issue" or "worry" right away because of the smaller class. I am not "bombarded" before and after school, and can speak with each parent either briefly or in depth (if needed). There is no parent volunteer requirement, again because of the small class; however, I have an open door policy with my parents and we are always happy to see them!:) I strongly believe in & encourage parents to work with their children outside of school. There is no organized "homework" (they'll have PLENTY of that soon enough:). What I do is drop small ideas/suggestions in our newsletters on how they can be working with their little one outside of school. For example, during "traffic safety week"... 'parents, point out various signs around town and have your prekinder guess what they say/mean...'. or, during letter "A" week, 'parents, when you are reading to your child at night, see if they can find any "a's" in your book!'


Separation is Handled through:

  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school

Handling Separation: From the Director

I have to be completely honest~ this was my first year and while I was very worried and somewhat prepared (I think:) for this very thing, my kids were SO EXCITED to begin that they practically booted their parents out the door! Each family came to see the prek and meet with me (w/their child) to decide if this was where they wanted to go to prek. They made the choice (without sleeping on it~ which was very reassuring for me as a first-year school) and as they were heading out I let the kids show me which cubby they would like me to put their name on~ they liked this sense of "ownership" they already had in thier new school. Also, the first day we did the "Kissing Hand"... I planned on reading it to the parents&kids and doing a little activity before they left, but since all the kids were just fine, the parents thought it best to just take off:) I will definitely have the same plan for next year incase I have some children that aren't so ready to see mom/dad go... :)