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New Hope Christian School

25713 70th Avenue East
Graham, WA 98338

(253) 847-2643


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our approach to education is based upon God’s character and involvement in human affairs. God is the allknowing, allpowerful Creator and Ruler of all things. Yet He is also a personal God and has made Himself known. He has revealed Himself to mankind through His creation, through His Son Jesus Christ, and through His written Word, the Holy Bible. God has endowed man with the
capacity and responsibility to learn of Him. The task of education is the teaching and learning of God’s truth. A proper study of all subject matters will harmonize with God’s Word because all truth emanates from God.
God created mankind as a perfect creation, bearing His image and His likeness. God endowed mankind above all of His creation, giving him the ability to think, to relate, and to choose.Unfortunately, man chose to disobey God, an act of rebellion that brought suffering and death. Yet God reached out to mankind. In an act of perfect love and justice, God sent His Son to die to make payment for sin available to mankind. Mankind is again confronted with a choice: those who trust in Christ are fully reconciled to God and will enjoy eternal life with Him? those who reject Christ remain condemned in their sinfulness. True education starts with leading students to a proper relationship with God: the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
God requires that His people live responsible, productive lives on earth. They are to grow in Christlike character, bear fruit, advance God’s kingdom, and store up treasure in heaven. A Christian education must nurture students to become responsible, productive citizens of earth and of heaven.
God has given to parents the primary responsibility to educate and train their children in every way to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose of Christian education is to assist the parents in the awesome responsibility of rearing their children to know, love, obey, and serve God."
Excerpted from the preschool's website