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Winston Prouty Early Learning Center

20 Winston Prouty Way
Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-7852


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Early Learning Center is a caring and supportive environment for children as they experience socialization and awareness of the world. These experiences are accomplished by an educated and experienced teaching team.
We use emergent curriculum inspired by the Reggio philosophy, which is child directed learning. Emergent curriculum provides the most meaningful experiences to the child, focusing on their interests through explorations in dramatic play, art, music and experimentation of ideas and concepts. Teacher's help children expand on their play choices, encouraging the use of materials in new and different ways. This curriculum approach teaches independence, problem solving, relationship building and creative thinking.
Each day the children have opportunities to participate individually, in small and whole groups as well as center wide activities. We believe that all children learn best when in a supportive community that is sensitive to the child's individual learning and social needs. We accomplish this through daily play experiences, parent involvement, consultation and participation with other developmental, social or medical supports the child has in the community. This collaborative approach supports learning and social development. Children with education plans are welcome and our teachers work with the special education team to accomplish the child's education and therapeutic goals within the daily routines of the day. It is our policy that education plan goals take place within the daily routines rather than isolated pull-out services with a specialist.
We believe that every child is a unique and special person. Children with special needs educated in an integrated environment benefit from the experience, and children who are typically developing learn compassion and tolerance which carries with them through life. We plan our curriculum by learning about each child's abilities and needs through parent communication, observation, developmental screening and ongoing experiences with the child within the context of the classroom and other community providers involved with the child and family. Each classroom environment considers the current group's needs to create experiences that encourage learning through active participation by the children with the adults and materials."
Excerpted from the preschool's website