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General School Mission

"Walsingham Academy, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of Merion, Pennsylvania, in partnership with lay faculty, is a Catholic school committed to providing an environment where human knowledge is imparted, enlightened and enlivened by faith.
Students, teachers, parents, and administrators share in the purpose of the Walsingham community and work toward promoting the maximum growth of the individual within a Christcentered setting. Walsingham Academy stresses the important role of the family in sharing responsibility for each student's total education.
Walsingham Academy recognizes the student as the center of its concern. The dignity and worth of each person teacher, student, and staff person are reverenced and respected. In terms of intellectual development, the school is strongly committed to academic excellence and selfdiscipline.This emphasis on excellence encourages all students to reach the highest fulfillment of their potential for learning throughout their lives.
The young person must be prepared to assume responsibilities as a mature individual in a pluralistic society. Maturity at this depth calls for intellectual, spiritual, and moral leadership, and involves a gradual shift from dependence to selfdetermination. Walsingham Academy strives for the continuing education of the whole person as a member of the family, the Church, the nation, the world community, and the universe.
As the world community becomes increasingly interdependent, the Church specifically calls its members to become responsible as Christian individuals in today's society. Walsingham Academy recognizes its mission to educate young people in values of justice, peace, and service as these values are set forth in the Gospel and further articulated by the social teachings of the Church. Increased emphasis on global awareness and social responsibility characterizes the curriculum. Diversity of religious expression is inherent in the population of the school. Walsingham Academy values and recognizes those students of other world religions and the rich faith life they bring to the school. A focus on ecumenism serves to deepen and enrich understanding of different religious
backgrounds. Through interaction with one another, students are encouraged to bear witness to the common hope held among all believers.
Walsingham Academy offers the students an opportunity to participate in a living, believing community. Through this community, students are led to appreciate themselves as individuals and members of God's family. As a viable steward of God's family, the student is invited to respond to God's love with concern for all people. Walsingham Academy believes that each student can make a difference in today's fragmented world, and therefore, challenges its students to assume leadership positions in the ministry of their respective churches and communities to: "connect the rich to the poor...the influential to those of no consequence and the powerful to the weak to do the work of
God on earth." (Sisters of Mercy Mission Statement)"
Excerpted from the preschool's website