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Wakefield School Inc

4439 Old Tavern Road
The Plains, VA 20198

(540) 253-5393


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Wakefield School is an independent, college-preparatory school whose primary goal is to provide a rigorous, liberal arts education. We believe that a challenging, content-based curriculum trains the intellect while fostering self-discipline, independence, creativity, and curiosity. At the same time, we encourage students at every level to think about and with the knowledge they are working to master. Finally, we aim to cultivate strong and ethical character through guidance in and out of the classroom from teachers committed to training the spirit as well as the mind. The mission of the School is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, the critical thinking skills, and the strength of character to distinguish that which is true from that which is not, and to use that wisdom in positive ways. This concept is embodied in the School's motto, Virtus et Sapientia, or "Virtue and Wisdom."

The cornerstone of our curriculum is our emphasis on effective and disciplined communication, as taught in our intensive English program. This emphasis grows out of the knowledge that every other course of study - indeed, virtually every life skill - is predicated on the ability to think and communicate clearly. However, an equally fundamental principle is Wakefield's strong commitment to the balance of the liberal arts. Every student must stretch beyond his or her strengths into other areas; we strive both to nurture talents and to encourage exploration. Courses in fine arts, science, mathematics, history, ancient and modern languages, computer science, and geography are all required. The faculty, a community of teachers and learners, is the link between specific academic fields and the broadly educated perspective we hope to inspire in each student.

Wakefield also acknowledges the need for balance and personal development provided by extra-curricular activities. The School supports activities including student government, interscholastic athletics, academic clubs, artistic activities, and service organizations. The opportunity to achieve success in ungraded activities encourages students to explore and develop their own interests, take leadership roles, and achieve greater success in the academic program.

The curriculum and extra-curricular programs of Wakefield School are entrusted to the faculty, Wakefield's most important component. Teachers challenge students to develop the fortitude to solve problems successfully, establish new goals thoughtfully, and gradually become more responsible for their own learning and conduct. They provide models of responsible, just, compassionate, inquisitive, and ethical behavior. They inspire academic passion and the search for the self-awareness students need to discover rewarding, positive roles in society. In fact, every employee of the School will at times be in the position to teach students valuable lessons, and is mindful of that trust. Therefore the School seeks to select, develop, and retain a talented faculty and staff who embrace the goal of exciting, challenging, and inspired teaching and are committed to our philosophy.

Our reverence - for broad knowledge, the art of teaching, the benefits of hard work, the equal importance of character and intellect, and the limitless potential of children - defines Wakefield School.

Wakefield School is fully accredited Pre-K - 12 by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) and the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington (AISGW). Our admission policy is non-discriminatory regarding race, sex, , color, religion, handicapped status or country of national origin.

Excerpted from the preschool's website