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Epworth Day School

124 West Freemason Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 313-5301

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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

From the Director:

All our classrooms follow weekly themes developed by the teachers. Themes are developmentally appropriate and increase in specificity as the children grow. Centers are based on the weekly themes as are our art, science,math,etc activities and projects.

Quality of Teaching

Individualized Teaching: From the Director

Teachers work with all children of different developmental levels on an individual basis. We encourage children to develop at their own pace and feel that all children have special talents.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Our staff believes that children learn through play. Children contruct their knowledge by touching, tasting, smelling, watching, listening, thinking, and doing. Our child-centered curriculum encourages choice-making, autonomy, and social competence. The exploration of music and movement, science and nature, families and culture, art and drama, language and numbers is integrated into the day. Indoor and outdoor activities are planned with a concern for the individual needs and developmental differences.
We want our children to build a positive self-image, explore their natural sense of wonder, discover their creative spirit, learn problem-solving, develop self-control and consideration of others.
The children gather weekly for Chapel to celebrate the joy of living in God's world. Children of all faiths and denominations worship together to explore common bonds, create awareness of the needs of others, and develop a relationship with their Creator.

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

We enter into a partnership with our parents to help develop the whole child. We believe in open communiction and encourage our parents to participate in the classroom activities as much as possible. Our teachers send out weekly or bi-weekly newsletters depending on the age of the classroom and participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences. A monthly newsletter along with frequently sent updates are emailed to parents by the Director. We have bi-monthly Parent Meetings and contribute donations to community organizations.

Parents Say They are Encouraged to:

  • Sit on the board of trustees
  • Hold social events at the school to build community
  • Fundraise
  • Are able to visit the school anytime we want
  • Go on field trips
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Receive newsletters

Modes of Communication

  • Notes
  • Phone Calls
  • Voice Mail
  • Email
  • Special Meetings
  • Two or More Regular Conferences
  • Drop-Off
  • Pick-Up
  • Regular newsletter/printed updates circulated to the whole school


Separation is Handled through:

  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school