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Denbigh Presbyterian Pre-Kindergarten

302 Denbigh Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23608

(757) 898-1043


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

" Denbigh Presbyterian Pre-Kindergarten endorses a curriculum based on the developmental-interaction approach in all areas of child development:
· social/emotional
· cognitive
· physical

The curriculum focuses on the developmental stage of each child, to include language acquisition, on the premise that all children learn best through interacting with materials, activities, peers, and adults.

Emphasis is placed on learning through play and direct "hands-on" experiences.

Growth of cognitive (intellectual) development such as problem solving and recognition of letter and number symbols should not be separated from the growth of personal and interpersonal processes such as self-concept and cooperation.

The teacher has the important task of creating a safe physical environment in which positive social interactions and high self?esteem will develop, as well as the task of preparing the environment for cognitive (intellectual) learning.

The teacher strives to provide constant encouragement and praise, not only for the child's products (crafts, art, and personal accomplishments), but also for the processes which he / she goes through in obtaining those products.

As a church-sponsored school, we offer a Christian environment in which the children learn simple songs and stories of an inter-denominational nature.

We accept children of all religions, races, and ethnic backgrounds.

Additionally, we accept special needs children who will benefit from participating in a mainstream setting.

We believe that parents are their children's most important teachers, and we welcome and encourage their participation in the Denbigh Presbyterian Pre-Kindergarten program!

Excerpted from the preschool's website