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Heritage Christian Academy

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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"Private and religious schools have existed in this country from the very earliest of our beginnings. The public school as we know it today didn’t exist until 1840. For generations before that, Americans—including those who fought for liberty and independence in the 18th century and who drafted the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution of the United States—were educated in private and religious schools. Most were educated in the latter. Parochial education is a bastion in this great country!

Why are Christian schools so important? Why not just accept conditions as they are in public schools? Christian schools work intentionally to develop students who will reflect the love of Christ in their lives. Ninety percent of Jesus’ ministry was devoted to teaching. He preached 5% of the time and healed another 5%. Who better to pattern our lives after than Jesus, and who better to follow than a Christian teacher who is devoted to showing students the way to Christ? "It is enough for the student to be like his teacher," we read in Matthew 10:25. Public education does not model after the life of Christ as openly or as boldly as does Christian education. Christian schools work unceasingly to insure their graduates will reflect an understanding of and a commitment to the development of a personal spiritual relationship with God. This also carries over into character traits that honor and esteem peers and authority figures, exercise the virtues of faith, love, godliness, and kindness, identify students’ destinies in the Body of Christ, and develop the gifts that will equip them for that destiny.

These are the foundations into which a strong academic training is integrated. The result is a student who is academically and spiritually prepared to meet the challenges of the world and take the rightful place Jesus has prepared for him through His life and death.

The Christian school does this in the framework of supporting and extending the family values that parents are pouring into their children at home. This presents some challenges on occasion as every family has its own theology, its own morality, and acceptable social behavior. It is not infrequent that a family with a very strict set of values becomes concerned by the behavior of others with more liberal guidelines. The underlying tenet of the Christian school is that it is staffed by professionals who love the children, have the same moral foundation as their students, and have their welfare at heart. All HCA faculty and staff members are vital contributors to the growth and learning process of the individual child. While everyone may have different limits set for their family, there are always baseline core values that are never compromised. That cannot always be said for the public sector. The essence of the values poured into children in the Christian school is always based on the love and life of Christ and the instructions of the Word. The core values are the same, but the emphasis may vary from family to family.

Heritage Christian Academy recognizes the parents’ authority as given by God and the school’s role in support of their God-given authority. HCA partners with all in the learning community to provide a formal education based on the philosophy of a God-centered worldview affirmed through the statement of faith. Christian education at Heritage Christian Academy promotes a safe, wholesome, nurturing environment while reinforcing the values of the family and the church, for the glory of God!
Excerpted from the preschool's website