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Gingerbread House Day Care Center

305 Crescent Drive
Franklin, VA 23851

(757) 569-8658

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Parents at this school, on average, believe that conflicts between children:

Are handled well in a way that gives me confidence in the safety of my child

Discipline, Health, Safety: From the Parents

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    Children are napping on a mats all over the floor including next to the door. Teacher stated that she would bring treats into school for the children that were not allowed such as frosted poptarts.

    over a year ago


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Temperature and overall air circulation is comfortable
  • Healthy and nutritious snacks are provided
  • Toys and furniture are cleaned regularly


Parent Ratings

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  • Screen and identify all visitors
  • Parents may not bring sick children to school where they may infect others


Parent Ratings

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  • Building, bathrooms, hallway
  • Classroom equipment and furniture

Facilities Includes:

Playgrounds More

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  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Playhouses
  • Large construction blocks/climbing structures
  • Tricycles
  • Wagons
  • Climbing structures
  • No playground


General School Comments: From the Parents

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    I went to the Gingerbread House preschool with my daughter to pick up my grandson. My daughter is going through a divorce and her husband put her son into this daycare. The school had never seen either of us before Tuesday Nov. 9, 2010 when we went to pick my grandson. We entered the school and no one asked what we were doing there or made any move to find out who we were. My daughter walked over to my grandson and she started helping him put away books. Hugs were exchanged and my grandson asked my daughter to hold him. Never during this time did anyone ever ask any questions or acknowledge we were there. The women who were there walked out of the room when we came all except one who sat at the door patting a child on the back who was taking a nap on the floor. As one woman came back into the room I put my hand out and told her I was so and so's grandmother at which time she shook my hand and said her name was Alice. She did not ask my name. We took my grandson and left with no one concerned about who we were. Walking past the patter still sitting by the door staring into space and no one else even in the room. My son-in-law told the school that my grandson's mother would be coming to pick him up. How ever we could have been the Good Humor man for all they knew. I understand assuming you know who someone is but is that enough when your are charging parents money to provide a safe environment for children age 2 to 4 years of age? I have worked with Washoe County school district for 10 years and no one would be allowed near any of our students without ID. I realize this school is in a small town however the women working Tues. had never seen either one of us. This insident may not be a violation of Virginia Social Services private school regulations I don't know but I do wonder about the safety of such young children when the staff is so unconcerned about their safety.

    over a year ago