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Free Union Country School

4220 Free Union Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

(434) 978-1700


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Free Union Country School is an independent preschool and elementary school which seeks to create a learning environment that stimulates children's inherent desire to learn about themselves and their world. The school views a strong working relationship between parents, teachers, and students as basic to the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of students. Teachers use a richly textured curriculum to create a variety of opportunities for active learning with the primary goal being to stimulate critical thinking and increase academic competence.

To this end, students are given ample opportunities for in-depth examinations of various topics, many of which are inspired by their own questions and interests. Students learn fundamental skills such as mathematics, handwriting, and reading and writing through phonics and quality literature, while they strengthen problem-solving capabilities and hone critical thinking skills through a variety of research projects. Individual and group investigations are aided by resources both within the school walls-textbooks and trade books, Internet, and visiting speakers-and in the larger community through field trips and self guided explorations. Multi-age classrooms enhance the spirit of cooperation that we feel is essential to learning, while a low student/teacher ratio allows the children to learn at their own pace within the group.

It is important that children be happy to come to school, eager to share in the day which awaits them, and to feel confident and proud about the outcome of their endeavors. Our aim is to provide an environment that is accepting and loving, in which the self-esteem of each child is protected and expanded. Our teachers demonstrate respect for the children as individuals and encourage them to reflect this attitude of respect and consideration with others. Discipline is handled as an opportunity for learning proper responses to difficult situations and should not eclipse a child's sense of self worth. Children are taught to approach and accept the results of their actions honestly.

Those of us involved with Free Union Country School cannot think of a better vocation than preparing children to meet their later challenges with joy and anticipation. A child's delight in learning is the best preparation for life."
Excerpted from the preschool's website