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Discovery Clubhouse

981 Westridge Drive
Saint George, UT 84770

(435) 674-4766


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"1. COMMITMENT: At Discovery Clubhouse we are committed to developing the highest quality child-care facilities in the nation. One of our core values is putting children and parents first. We believe that quality child-care is the right of every child. As child-care providers, we strive to improve the quality of life for each child and their family.

2. CONCERN: Health and safety should always be a concern when choosing a child-care provider. At Discovery Clubhouse, we require up-to-date immunizations for all children. Our centers meet all of the required health regulations and our staff is well trained in keeping our facilities clean and disinfected. At Discovery Clubhouse the nutritional needs of every child are met as we provide three meals a day including a snack. Children are also given opportunities for rest or sleep. Our centers also meet all required safety regulations for indoors and outdoors. All emergency equipment is readily available, and our staff is trained in first aid and CPR.

3. CARING: At Discovery Clubhouse we promote a caring and friendly environment for children and parents. We strive to respond quickly to all physical needs of the children as well as comfort and reassurance. We allow children to express their feelings and teach them how to appropriately deal with their emotions. We also feel it is necessary to encourage children to feel good about their accomplishments.

4. CONSISTENCY: We believe that consistency and structure are essential at Discovery Clubhouse. We strive to maintain that consistency in our staff while ensuring adequate adult-to-child ratios. We feel that by establishing schedules we can provide children with stability and security. Field trips, games, and activities are also scheduled on a regular basis.

5. CURRICULUM: One of our goals at Discovery Clubhouse is to promote growth and education through a well-developed curriculum. We strive to stay on the leading edge of teaching methods. Research has revealed that the critical, intellectual, social and psychological importance of a child experience occurs during the preschool years. Our program concentrates on concepts and practices of growth for the young child. The curriculum includes preschool education, emphasizing basic concepts, gross motor skills, creativity, and social, emotional and intellectual development.

6. CHARACTER: At Discovery Clubhouse we take personal pride in the center's appearance and productivity. We believe that education even for teachers is a continual process. Our directors and staff are actively involved in the growth and improvement of each center. We have qualified directors and all staff is required to complete extensive training in areas such as nutrition, accident prevention, positive guidance, age appropriate activities and child development.

7. COOPERATION: Parent and family involvement is important to us at Discovery Clubhouse. We believe that it takes all of us working together to establish a good child-care facility. We encourage mothers and fathers to participate in activities with their children at home and at school. Children learn cooperation by example, and we feel it is essential to include parents and families in everything we do. As we communicate with each other and establish good relations, children will benefit and learn useful tools for getting along with others.

8. CONSIDERATION: We believe that above all else, consideration for the feelings of both children and their parents are necessary in a quality child-care center. We believe in taking time to talk to parents about any concerns we may have and about any improvements or successes. Sensitivity to children with special needs is also very important and we understand the need to be flexible in certain circumstances. At Discovery Clubhouse we strive to instill kindness and courtesy in children through our example.

Excerpted from the preschool's website