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Cache Valley Learning Ctr

75 S 400 W
Logan, UT 84321-4445

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The instructional PHILOSOPHY at the cache vally Learning center is that all students receive instruction that is apporopriate for their accountable for students learning and students and teachers are entitled to a positive working/learning environment.
this philosophy underlies every decision made at the Learning center.This has been the derectors philosophy for over three decades and has laid the foundation for the academic program offered at the Learning center.
Every student should receive instruction is appropriate for her individual needs.If we are to adhere to this philosophy.We must design an individualized program foe every student.This imdividulized program is established by assessing students skills in each curricular are and placing them in appropriate instructional groups based on this assessment.This allows every student,whether she is working at,above or below grade level in a particular subject area,to recevie instruction that is most appropriate for her.For example,a student may be reading at the first grade level,but her mathematical anilities are at a second grade level.She would receive instruction in each are at her current ability level.
Teacher are accountable for learing.If we are to adhere to this statement,we must use instructional methods that are effective for all student and closely monitor student progress.The Learning center uses Direct Instruction to teach reading,spelling,writing and mathermatics.we use the principles of Direct Insturction to guide our curriculum development in interature,science,social studies and spanish.If a student is having difficulty,the teacher must have an objective way of identifying the cause of the difficulty,deciding on a possible remedy and evaluating the effectiveness of increase the effectiveness of our teaching and provide the means for specific accountability.
Students,parents and teachers are entitled to a positive working/learning envronment,we use a management system based upon ther principles of applied behavior Analysis.This system allows us to build healthy attirudes and productive conduct through a positive appoach."
Excerpted from the preschool's website