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Beaver Brook Childrens Center Inc

4402 Vaughan Drive, P.O. Box 1098
Rowlett, TX 75030-1098

(972) 412-2333


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Beaver Brook Children's Center recognizes that each child is a unique individual with special needs and interests and that each child grows and learns at his/her own rate of development. It is Beaver Brook's goal to promote and foster these five major areas of development.
Steps are taken to encourage a positive self-concept and make each child feel special and unique. Giving children choices and recognition for their accomplishments helps them grow into independent thinkers and satisfied adults.
Children learn about themselves and others through interaction with their peers. Encouraging the children to verbalize their feelings and needs to one another instills positive communication and social skills.
A young child's body grows at a rapid rate in the early years. A balance of active and quiet activities is provided to foster development of their large and fine motor skills.
The children are encouraged to "use their words" in expressing their needs and feelings. Through the use of everyday language as well as the introduction of new words and their meanings, communication skills are enhanced.
Through play, children develop problem-solving skills; learn to make choices and to motivate themselves to satisfy their curiosity. The teachers guide the child's natural tendency to learn.
We believe in teaching Christian values and morals. We will endeavor to teach, through example, good manners and respect for authority as well as etiquette and good social skills.