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First United Methodist Church Child Development Center

503 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

(972) 301-0125


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Philosophy & Approach

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

Learning Philosophy & Tools

  Play- based mostly teacher led not formally in curriculum conducive environment
Oral language  
Nursery rhymes, poems, songs  
Storybook reading  
Emerging literacy skills  
Cognitive development
Math & number sense
Time & space
Sci. reasoning/physical world
Visual arts
Physical activity
Other subjects taught Our Body Rhythmics is a developmental program designed to develop gross motor skills within the child. It insures neuro-muscular balance and co-ordination which are "essential elements" necessary for reading, writing, spelling, and number readiness. Preschool classes spend 20 minutes each day developing the total child through their own learned "body controlled" movements.

From the Director:

The curriculum of the FUMC Development Center is composed of basic academic subjects presented in a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Each age group works with specific units of study around which activities involving basic concepts are centered.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Our goals:
To provide a setting and opportunity for discovery and learning to take place.
To provide activities that allow the child to experience the excitement of learning.
To encourage independence and self-confidence through activities which help the child to succeed and recognize his/her success.
To provide opportunities to recognize and express feelings in appropriate ways.
To encourage the child's emotional-social, and mental-physical and spiritual growth at their own developmental level.

A Typical Day

8:45-9:10 Greet, Information, Calendar, Weather, and Pledge.
9:10-9:30 Body Rhythmics
9:30-10:10 Learning Center Time
10:10-10:30 Clean-up and Show & Tell
10:30-10:40 Wash hands, Gather on Carpet, and Set-up for Snacks.
10:40-11:00 Snacks
11:00-11:20 Outside
11:20-11:40 Curriculum Together Time, Finish clean-up, and Prepare to go home.
11:45 Pick-up time

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

Parents are welcome to visit the Preschool while classes are in session. They provide snacks on a rotation basis for their child's classroom and also help with parties. Parents are encouraged to share their hobbies and talents with the Preschool. Parent/Teacher conferences are held at least once a year. Two evening events are planned throughout the year so that the whole family may visit.

Parents Say They are Encouraged to:

  • Sit on the board of trustees
  • Are able to visit the school anytime we want
  • Go on field trips
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Receive newsletters

Modes of Communication

  • Notes
  • Phone Calls
  • Email
  • Special Meetings
  • Two or More Regular Conferences
  • Drop-Off
  • Pick-Up
  • Regular newsletter/printed updates circulated to the whole school