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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We at Willowglen are:
Excited about education. We want to academically challenge our students, in a stress free, fun environment.
Eager to recognize each child as a unique individual, ready to learn, discover, be happy, and successful
Oriented to give each child a love of learning that will last throughout life
Dedicated to providing a natural extension of the loving, supportive home environment. We believe that children thrive best when school and home work as a team"
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"[ Typical activities in an infant's day:]
Fine Motor Development • Turning, grasping, rubbing, crumbling, smashing, squeezing
Gross Motor Development • Crawling, climbing, pushing

ulling toys, rolling, clapping, building, stacking
Language Development • Caregivers will foster language development in infants by talking to, reading to, speaking precisely and acuratley to, and using repetitious words in the interaction with them
Music and Movement • Singing, Listening, moving, clapping to music; Simple Action Songs that also develop gross and fine motor skills
Feeding time • One on one time with the caregiver • Learning table skills; food textures; hand to mouth skills
Diapering Time • Routinely every two hours; more often if needed, or immediately after a bowel movement. • One on one bonding time with with caregivers; repetitious words for language development
Nap Time • Fosters a rejuvenating time for growth; • Caregiver offers soothing music, reassuring, holding, back rubbing or patting
Interpretive Development • Caregiver interprets each individual child's cries, expressions, physical demeanor, mood, and words, so as to provide the best care possible
[ Typical activities in a Preschooler's day]
Morning Greeting
Music and Movement (morning and afternoon) • Singing. Dancing, Musical Instruments, Finger Plays
Circle Time • Calendar, Weather, Seasons,
Story Time • Books, Flannel Board stories
Snack time (morning and afternoon) • Nutritious and varied snacks – minimum of 2 food groups
Language: Age and developmentally appropriate introduction to; Phonics; letter recognition, beginning reading , early writing skills, vocabulary
Math: Age and developmentally appropriate introduction to:
Number recognition/writing; counting; adding; sorting; patterning; matching; grouping; weights and measures
Science/Sensory: Exploring the world with mind and senses: Simple experiments; cooking projects; play dough; texture play
Creative Art • Painting; cutting; pasting;
Outside Play (morning and afternoon)
• Climbing; Running; ball play; digging and molding sand; water activities; bikes
Lunch time;
• Nutritious/kid friendly lunch provided by the school (Monthly menu provided)
Nap/Quiet time
• Individual cot and sheet assigned to each child
Centers (Morning and afternoon)
• Table Activities - Puzzles; table toys; manipulatives
• Block Area - Building Blocks; Interlocking Blocks; Legos,
• Home living Area – Dramatic/Pretend Play
• Reading Corner – Books
• Cars, Trucks, Other toys"
Excerpted from the preschool's website