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John Calvin Early Learning Center

4151 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

(214) 357-9395


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Teacher-Led

From the Director:

Each child's work is his individualized prescription or learning, and it takes into account the ability, attention span, pace, and interests of that child. Small classes and individualized one on one sessions in our Learning Lab make this approach possible.

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

Learning Philosophy & Tools

  Play- based mostly teacher led not formally in curriculum conducive environment
Language       more

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  • Tracing paper and other writing instruments
  • A well-stocked bookcase
  • Moveable alphabet phonetic-based readers at 4 levels. Many phonics learning materials, dry-erase wipe board.
Oral language  
Nursery rhymes, poems, songs  
Storybook reading  
Emerging literacy skills  
Cognitive development
Math & number sense more

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  • Puzzles
  • Materials for learning time, measurement, money skills and logic
Time & space more

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  • Calendars and clocks
  • Parquetry blocks, pegboards, and mosaic toys
  • Maps
  • Building blocks
  • Globes
Sci. reasoning/physical world more

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  • A place for science activities such as growing plants
  • Pets for children to watch and care for
  • Special water physics activities
Music more

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  • Musical instruments
Visual arts more

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  • Materials such as paint, ink, paintbrushes, crayons, markers, chalk, paper, etc.
  • Art work on the walls
Physical activity more

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  • A playground with climbing equipment
  • Bean bags, balls, and other objects that children can throw, kick, and play
  • Tricycles
  • Enough room for children to move around and play and a suitable indoor alternative to the outdoor playground on rainy days
  • Sandboxes and/or water stations for play
Other subjects taught Phonics-based reading program; Math includes addition, subtraction, measurements, money skills, telling time and logic; Social Studies - children "visit" a different country each month; Community Service program which teaches concern for the needs of others.

From the Director:

The reading program is totally phonics based and alphabet letter names are not taught until after the student has completed the short vowel reading series. This produces strong, early readers who love reading. We believe that sophisticated principles in science and math can be easily understood when brought into the experiential realm of the child. Our Social Studies program fosters an appreciation of people from many cultures.

Quality of Teaching

Individualized Teaching: From the Director

We provide one on one instruction in reading and math in a Learning Lab. The instruction is tailored to the individual needs of the child and moves at the child's pace. Our accelerated class provides advanced learning to develop the full potential of the most advanced students.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

The John Calvin Early Learning Center provides a comprehensive program to prepare students for success in learning and in life. Our school offers a very academic curriculum which is designed to instill in the child a lifetime love of learning, a desire to seek answers, plus critical and creative thinking skills.

A Typical Day

Upon arrival the child works on manipulatives for fine motor skills. Next is a circle time in which lessons are introduced or reviewed, such as phonetic sounds, social studies, numbers, colors, (depending on the age of the class). Snack time and playground time follow. After playground time is another academic session (writing, math, etc.) usually done at their tables. Lunch follows and a quiet time to choose books or puzzles. Afternoons might include art, music or hands-on science activities. Students prepare for departure and they are read to from the high-quality children's literature.

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

Progress reports go out 2 times a year. Learning Lab notes go out every time the child attends Lab (2-3x a week). Individual parent conferences as the need arises. Counseling available to help in the selection of a school when the child is ready to leave our program.


Handling Separation: From the Director

We have an open house where the parents can bring their child to meet the teacher and other classmates. We advise the parents in a parent meeting on how to best deal with separation anxiety - theirs and the childs.