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AM Brooks Head Start

6502 Military Parkway
Dallas, TX 75227

(214) 275-2054


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"HEAD START of Greater Dallas provides children with the foundation of skills and knowledge they need to be successful
in school and life and fosters self-reliant families and communities.
We believe that to deliver services that change lives we must remain constantly focused on the following values:

Excellence. Setting levels of performance that go beyond the performance standards, that constantly challenge every employee in the agency to step up to the next level.

Innovation. We daily encounter needs of Head Start children and families that cannot be adequately addressed by our current services nor by existing resources in the community. In response, we become creative, we develop innovative ways to meet those needs, usually by developing partnerships. While neither partner can address an unmet need alone, together our combined strengths create a new approach that does. Being innovative implies always looking beyond "what is" and focusing on creating what "can be."

Teamwork. The need our clients present, demand that staff work together across disciplines and cultural differences.
Respect. Without respect, we cannot expect children to grow and parents to feel valued. We nurture the self-esteem and dignity of ourselves and Head Start children and parents.

Integrity. Integrity creates an atmosphere of trust; it means knowing that everyone will act according to a set of shared values, that people can be counted on to act fairly.

Courage. HSGD staff must be always ready to embrace change, to step out of their comfort zones and grow both personally and professionally.

Diversity. We realize that within our diversity lies strength, that to meet the needs of our changing society, we must not only respect differences but value them for their power to create a stronger and more effective program."

Excerpted from the preschool's website