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Town and Country Children's Montessori

3801 Keats Dr.
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 442-7722


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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Our school is founded on the principles and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori. We believe that each child is a born learner. At T&C, the children are guided through the traditional Montessori Method and its values. The children are also exposed to a modern approach to the traditional Montessori methods to enable and enhance the 21st century child's learning capabilities and abilities. T&C is dedicated to educate and foster the child as a whole person emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually in a multi-cultural society. This shall ultimately lead the learning experience at T&C as an aid to life. The guide will observe each child and guide each child with the help of one or two assistants. Our prepared environment responds to the child's natural spontaneity of learning and bring the child to the fullest possible realizationof his/her individual potentialities.

Home-School Connection

Parents Say They are Encouraged to:

  • Are able to visit the school anytime we want
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Receive newsletters

Modes of Communication

  • Notes
  • Phone Calls
  • Voice Mail
  • Email
  • Special Meetings
  • Two or More Regular Conferences
  • Drop-Off
  • Pick-Up
  • Regular newsletter/printed updates circulated to the whole school