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Children's Courtyard (Anderson Mill)

9706 Anderson Mill Rd.
Austin, TX 78750

(512) 626-7984


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Hi, I’m Joey, and I’m the campus director for The Children’s Courtyard at Anderson Mill, opening August 2011! Whether you're looking for a nurturing atmosphere for your infant or toddler, kindergarten readiness coupled with fun & flexibility for your preschooler, or an exciting and stimulating environment for your school age child, The Children’s Courtyard offers the highest quality in early care & education.

We know how important it is to you for your child to be in a safe, loving environment while gaining all the skills & knowledge necessary to be highly successful in kindergarten and beyond. That’s why we choose resourceful, loving, and educated teachers who have spent many years in the early education field. We support our teachers with many training and professional development opportunities throughout the year to help them maintain their expertise. Our common goal is to provide your child with the highest quality early care and education.

We provide our teachers with top-rated, researched-based curriculums like the Frog Street Pre-K program. Our Pre-K students use interactive Smart Board technology just like they will in kindergarten, as well as state-of-the-art Hatch touch-screen computers.

Our campus offers a variety of fun and educational equipment for the children here, including an indoor gym, rock wall and tree house that provide an opportunity to run and climb even during inclement weather. Our unique outdoor playgrounds are spacious, with lots of room to run. They are equipped with state-of-the-art climbing structures to help your child develop her large motor skills.

A Typical Day

The curriculum at The Children’s Courtyard was developed using the latest research on how children learn. Because children learn more easily in a fun environment, we design flexible lesson plans that are active, stimulating and interesting to children on their own levels.

Every child in our program is unique, and our teachers take the time to observe your child on a daily basis. These observations are then used to tailor our lesson plans to the individual needs of the children in each class. We partnered with Addison-Wesley, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, and Frog Street Press and chose what we believe are the best practices from each. We take into account individual personalities and abilities, so children learn without frustration or fear of failure.

Our brand-new facility and outstanding staff are the perfect combination for the most positive and rewarding early education experience. Our loving and family-oriented atmosphere makes children want to start each day with us, and our focus on kindergarten preparedness ensures your child will be equipped with the tools she needs for future academic success.

We treat every family that comes to us as part of our own extended family and encourage them to participate in the many activities and events we plan throughout the year. We truly care deeply about the education of the children in our programs.

We offer the best in every facet of early childhood education. Every classroom in our new school was specially designed for the children who would be learning in them. Our campus is bright, open, fresh and clean. Montessori pieces are included in our equipment, toys and curricula to give children an ideal learning palate.

Safety is a top priority at our school, so our building is equipped with a keypad security system that requires a special code for entry. Parents are given the code, while all other visitors must ring a bell and have identification verified by staff.