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Trinity Christian Academy

17001 Addison Rd.
Addison, TX 75001

(972) 931-8325


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Trinity’s mission of “developing the whole person for the glory of God” drives our curriculum and unifies our faculty. We are committed to an integration of faith-full learning based on the conviction that God created us in His image to be lovers and learners of Him, of our neighbors, and of all creation.

We accomplish this mission first through a strong and integrated academic program. From kindergarten to twelfth grade, students are taught that God is the author of Truth, that Jesus Christ fully embodies God’s Truth, and that all subjects or disciplines originate from His creation and lead to fuller service of Him and His world. We explore the unique gifts of human beings to communicate through literacy and numeracy, as well as our aspirations to shape the world scientifically and to express it artistically. Parallel with academic and aesthetic studies, we have carefully structured physical education and athletic programs that encourage young people to be healthy, skilled, and courageous. Extracurricular programs designed to foster personal spiritual growth, compassionate human outreach, and strong leadership opportunities provide balance.

We are grounded in a classical tradition of education that equips young people to face a changing world in light of unchanging wisdom. We are committed to fostering an environment where young people can develop their bodies, minds, and spirits under the competent and loving guidance of faculty who are called, gifted, and educated to lead students to love God, know themselves, and serve their world. Our students are blessed with a thirteen-year journey exploring the truths of time and eternity in a sanctuary called school.