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Springhill Academy

2001 Campbell Station Pkw
Spring Hill, TN 37174

(615) 302-1273


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"“Laying foundations in life and learning-because childhood is not a dress rehearsal.”
Spring Hill Academy Preschool is a Christian Academic preschool that has a dual focus: Christian character training and teaching children to read BEFORE kindergarten.
In an age when expectations for young children are, as one friend puts it, "lower than the dust from a snake's belly," we at Spring Hill academy Preschool have great expectations for young children. We believe they CAN learn to "honor their mother and father" and they CAN learn to read: even at the age of three!
Because childhood is not a "dress rehearsal" we take very seriously, while having a great deal of fun, the obligation we have to establish Christian moral foundations and strong learning foundations in the lives of these children.
Therefore it is our conviction that childhood is that irreplaceable opportunity to establish Christian character foundations and life-long learning patterns We are committed to the idea that because childhood is not a dress rehearsal the early learning years should be embraced with enthusiasm and as a huge opportunity never to be repeated.
We teach children to read before kindergarten because childhood is not a dress rehearsal.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Subject / Activity Timing
Books/Blocks/Quiet Toys 6:30-7:30
Breakfast/Color time 7:30-7:50
Clean Up/Bathroom Break 7:50-8:00
Morning Drill Time 8:00-8:20
Story Time 8:20-8:30
Bible 8:30-8:50
Morning Snack 8:50-9:15
Bathroom Break 9:15-9:30
Handwriting Paper 9:30-9:45
Numbers Paper 9:45-10:00
Phonics 10:00-10:15
Exercise and Poetry 10:15-10:25
Recess 10:25-10:55
Numbers 10:55-11:10
Lunch/Bathroom Break 11:10-11:45
Story Time 11:45-12:00
Nap Time 12:00-2:00
Wake Up/Snack Time/Bathroom Break 2:00-2:30
Show and Tell 2:30-2:45
Recess 2:45-3:00
Bible Story 3:00-3:20
Song Time 3:20-3:45
Spanish 3:45-4:00
Music Game 4:00-4:15
Music Paper 4:15-4:30
Recess 4:30-5:00
Children leave as their
caregivers arrive/Story Time 5:00-5:30
Books/Blocks/Color Pages/
Quiet Time 5:30-6:00"
Excerpted from the preschool's website