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"The Montessori community world-wide is celebrating 2007 as the 100th anniversary of Montessori education. Davidson County named February, 2007 as the month of Montessori education. Montessori Academy was well represented at the annual conference in New York City to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Montessori education.
Dr. Angelina Stoll Lillard, the daughter of Paula Polk Lillard, confesses that 20 years ago, while taking Montessori teacher training, she became a skeptic. She was frustrated at not being able to separate scientifically supported ideas from mere opinion. Her desire for a Montessori background for her children and being a well-known researcher in the area of cognitive-developmental psychology, led her to thoroughly research the Montessori method of education and writing Montessori, The Science Behind The Genius (2005). Montessorians world-wide are delighted with this very readable book detailing research that validates the merits of the Montessori Method.
Dr. Montessori's medical background, her understanding of the scientific method, her lifetime focus on how children learn resulted in a revolutionary education philosophy that is used throughout the world. She organized her keen insights of the child as a being and as a learner into the following planes or stages of development.
Excerpted from the preschool's website