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Westminster Catawba Christian School

1310 India Hook Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732

(803) 366-1810


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"To accomplish the mission, Westminster Catawba Christian School provides competent instruction, and its policies and practices reflect without apology the Christian faith based on the following philosophy. All truth is a manifestation of God's sovereignty in creation. WCCS proclaims God in its educational program and conveys to its students that God is interested in every aspect of their lives and that there is no division between spiritual and secular knowledge and experience. All of life is religious. Therefore, whatever a student learns has as its point of reference God. The school presents to the student a viewpoint of life and the world from God's perspective. This is called a Biblical, or Christian, world and life view.
The student is taught that God and His truth are the basis for the educational program and is challenged to respond to God with the appropriate use of acquired skills and knowledge. Responding to God is a process, one in which the student, as prompted by the Holy Spirit, becomes increasingly more active that passive. Developed in the student is the awareness that accumulated knowledge and skill proficiency have direct bearing on the three fundamental relationships of life: 1) to God; 2) to others (as well as one's self); 3) to one's environment (creation). It is growth in this response process which leads to the fulfillment of a person's calling from God to understand, shape, use, preserve, and enjoy God's creation in a life of service to God through service of one's fellowman.
Men and women have chosen to glorify themselves and worship their own works rather than worship and glorify God, and humans have sinful natures that hinder them from accepting God as the reference point in all of life. These conditions keep them from responding to God in ways that are appropriate. However, when God's salvation through Jesus Christ is applied by the Holy Spirit to a student's life, the ability to accept God's perspective and desire to respond correctly are restored. Christian education can never be complete apart from the redemptive work of Christ accomplished in a student's life.
Education experienced by the students will be well-rounded: introducing them to the redeeming work of Christ, helping them to appreciate themselves and their fellowman, inspiring them to academic excellence, and enabling them to take their proper position in creation as ones who bears the image of God and exercise dominion over God's world. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website