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First Baptist Church Kindergarten

847 Cleveland Street
Greenville, SC 29601

(864) 271-2613


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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

First Baptist Church Kindergarten, in Greenville, South Carolina is located along the Reedy River and in the historic Cleveland Park area. Our school environment encourages a strong connection with our city. Classrooms are places of research alive with natural and recyclable materials gathered by children, families and educators. Outdoor areas, filled with flowers, plants and trees inspire the child to investigate his world. The Reedy River and the Swamp Rabbit Trail physically connect our school to our downtown and surrounding areas.

Children are competent and powerful researchers and constructors of their own knowledge. We believe the child's voice must be loved, honored and valued. We believe the child has the right to a stimulating environment and to a teacher who completely listens to and researches with the child and with his theories, questions, and "one hundred different languages." Building connective relationships is an integral part of understanding ourselves, with ourselves, with others and with our surroundings. Giving time to encourage, support, extend, and study the children's thinking and learning, we as educators, families, and children are partners in the research of life.