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Adlerian Child Care Center & Kindergarten - Harbison

104 Hillpine Road
Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 781-0552


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General School Comments: From the Parents

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  • Jason Woodworth

    We have had several problems with Adlerian. Our child is sensitive to acid and we provided written and verbal communications that our child is not to have highly acidic foods (oranges, lemons, etc.). While she isn't allergic to the food, the acid causes dryness/redness and is sensitive to our child. Our requests were flat out denied unless a she once AGAIN goes to a doctor to run an allergy work up and get a medical diagnosis for allergies. We have also fought with them when they refused to give our child (less than 1 yr) formula. They said that they are no longer going to give her a bottle and that she has to learn to drink from a "sippy cup". We provided all the written documentation required and they told us that they still would not give her anything by a bottle anymore because they wanted her to move up to the toddler room. If you don't want to fight with your day care provider about whether your child will get enough liquids/formula I would not recommend Adlerian. Also if your child has something like somewhat sensitive skin or for any requests to be fulfilled, I would not recommend Adlerian. This is a truly honest review- I do not have any affiliation with any other day care.

    over a year ago