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Little People Day Care School Inc

280 Hanover Street
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702

(570) 824-4141


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Little People Day Care School, Inc. Provides The highest quality early childhood program in an atmosphere of love and learning. Our major objective is to recognize the individual needs of each child and to provide our staff with the means to respond to those needs.
Educational Needs
Has a private academic school, Little People offers a structured educational program with a child-centered curriculum for each age group. A favorable staff-to-student ratio allows the curriculum to be tailored to the individual child. our skilled staff helps each child progress at his/her own pace while assuring that major objectives are meet.
Little People works closely with area public schools to ensure a smooth transition into first grade.
Educational materials are coordinated with those used in local schools and readiness tests are administered to our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students. We work closely with intermediate units and make referrals for specialized testing or services when appropriate.
Emotional Needs
Development of positive self-esteem is essential to healthy emotional development and we provide many opportunities for personal accomplishment.
Recognizing that many of our students are in school for extended periods, our staff is dedicated to providing an atmosphere of emotional security and well-being. They are supplied with personal data on each child to enable them to address individual needs. We work closely with parents though daily contact and scheduled conferences. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child's school ;life and our staff is always glad to confer on any topic concerning their child.
Physical Needs
Carefully Planned and supervised activity, stressing fine and gross motor skills, ensure progress in the areas of strength and coordination. Special activities such as swimming and tumbling are included.
The special design or our facility helps ensure the safety of our children.
An infirmary is provided for children who become ill at school. Various diagnostic screenings are conducted annually.
Well-balanced meals are the foundation of our food service program using only the finest ingredients. Little People provides hot breakfast and lunches as well as morning and afternoon snacks. We minimize the use of sugar and preservatives and stress fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh milk and protein. Special diets can be accommodated.
Social Needs
Social development is emphasized during all facets of the Little People Program. Opportunities for social enrichment and environmental awareness are many and varied and include field trips and community resource visitors.
Peer relationships are encouraged and developed. The children are encouraged to respect other,s assume responsibility and participate in group activities.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"6:30 - Children begin to arrive
7:00 - Breakfast
7:30 - Free Play
8:30 - Clean-up for morning academic program
9:00 - Begin morning school program
9:15 - Opening- calendar, finger plays, helper chart
9:30 - Reading readiness program
10:00 - Snack
10:15 - Story time
10:30 - Math readiness program
11:00 - Unit work with arts and crafts
11:30 - Clean-up; toilet and wash; prepare for lunch
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 - Individual readiness
1:00 - Social studies or science program
1:30 - Rest period and naps (time determined by age)
2:30 - Toilet and wash for snack
2:45 - Snack
3:00 - Story time, art or music
3:30 - indoor or outdoor free play
4:30 - individual and small group table games
5:00 - Room clean-up
5:30 - Free play
6:00 - Closing time
Excerpted from the preschool's website