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St Davids Nursery School And Kindergarten

765 S. Valley Forge Road
Wayne, PA 19087

(610) 687-3777


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"St. David's Nursery School's "Creative Learning Environment" is a special place for preschool children. Within the beautiful setting of the school and in a relaxed atmosphere, children are encouraged to grow and develop:
Socially-Emotionally – Children learn social skills through interaction with peers and teachers in group situations. Children are given opportunities to develop and maintain a positive self-image through experiences in which they have choices, positive feedback and success. Teachers are loving and caring in their interactions with the children.
Intellectually – Children grow as they interact with the environment and learning materials. They are challenged to think, create, and express themselves.
Physically – Children are given many opportunities to develop and maintain perceptual and large and small muscle skills each day.
Curiosity, alertness, initiative, creativity, confidence, and autonomy are encouraged in all activities.
Each day offers the child opportunities for free play, choice of manipulative materials, art and craft experiences, language development, music experiences, and large and small muscle development. We stress that preschool children learn from experiences that are concrete and active, usually in the form of play. Play is the most effective way of learning during these early years. Through play children learn to communicate, to exercise their imaginations, to try out ideas, to practice grown-up behavior, and to develop in all areas.
Excerpted from the preschool's website