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His Kids Preschool

510 Park Avenue
Reading, PA 19611

(610) 372-1962


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"To provide children, ages three, four and five, with the opportunity to learn and grow in a Christian atmosphere. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development of a young child. More importantly, we provide a spiritual environment where the Good News of Jesus Christ is shared.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Our Day Begins: 9:00/12:30
After a welcome greeting by the preschool staff, your child hangs up his jacket and book bag, and places his nametag on the magnetic bulletin board. Next he looks at all the centers and activities made available to him this school day and makes a choice.

Free Choice Activity Time: 9:10-10:10 or 12:40-1:40
Your child can select from a variety of centers and activities. Discovery center, play dough table, art center, block area, kitchen and imaginative play center, rice table, library, listening center, board games, puzzles, puppets and computers are available daily. Sand or water table, magnetic exploration, light table, typewriter center, musical instruments and other activities are made available throughout the school year.

Clean-up Time: 10:10-10:20 or 1:40-1:50

Circle Time: 10:20-10:40 or 1:50-2:10
Your child joins the other children in singing songs, listening to stories, learning finger plays and playing group games. She learns important skills like listening, taking turns, expressing ideas with friends, following directions and fitting new information into old ideas. Prayer time is also included.

Snack Time: 10:40-11:00 or 2:10-2:30
Your child washes his hands and enjoys a snack with his friends. The preschool families provide snacks. Blessing is asked.

Active Play: 11:00-11:20 or 2:30-2:50
Our preschool is fortunate to have many options for gross motor time each day. Our outdoor playground is always our first choice. Inclement and winter weather allows us to use our indoor gym where the children ride Big Wheels and use large indoor play equipment. The Sunday school rooms also provide areas for music movement.

Dismissal: 11:20-11:30 or 2:50-3:00
Please call to schedule a classroom visit to see the facilities and meet the staff. The children love to show visitors their preschool and make them feel welcome. (610) 372-1962

Excerpted from the preschool's website