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Warwick Child Care Center Inc

145 West Urner Street
Pottstown, PA 19465

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our goals for our Infant class are:
To provide a warm, secure environment through patience and loving care
To enhance physical and spatial awareness through reaching and grasping toys, crawling, rolling over, pulling oneself up, and eventually, walking
Communication through simple language, verbalization of actions, gestures, laughter, and numerous facial expressions
To provide a wealth of sensory experiences through contrasting colors, textures, and designs
Gentle, supportive responses to encourage and expand the infant's verbal and nonverbal communication skills
Positive, soothing interaction with others to foster both social and emotional growth
To change the focus of play during the day such as being held, being in a swing, and being on the floor to give infants different perspectives on the world around them, including both indoor and outdoor play
Our goals for our Young Toddler class are:
To provide daily opportunities for exploration of their surroundings through safe indoor and outdoor experiences
To explore and learn about their own world through sensory development
To encourage and strengthen verbal skills through fantasy play, nursery rhymes, one-on-one conversations, music, fingerplays, and stories
To ensure social and emotional awareness by expanding on their feelings and perceptions
Understanding their need for solitary and parallel play, while encouraging sharing
Physical skills by marching, ball play, riding toys, jumping, climbing, and sliding boards
Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads, and shape sorting toys
To encourage creativity and promote thinking skills by providing open-ended art activities on a daily basis
Our goals for our Older Toddler class are:
Cognitive development by matching colors, shapes, and objects, by understanding quantity, and by fitting objects together
Social-emotional development by presenting opportunities to engage in parallel play
Fine motor development through puzzles, lacing, buttons, and block play
To provide opportunities to strengthen their newly developed self-help skills
Develop physical skills through marching, running, hopping, jumping, and ball play
Intellectual stimulation through identifying, sorting, and classifying objects
Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads, and shape sorting toys
Art activities offer opportunities to enhance skills through a variety of materials including coloring, gluing, finger-painting, cutting, and much more
Our goals for our Preschoolers are:
Language development by understanding and using words and phrases, defining and identifying simple words, and distinguishing between concepts
Auditory discrimination and memory by characterizing alike and different words, rhyming games, and retelling stories in sequence
Social skills through cooperating, helping, negotiating, and talking with the person involved to solve interpersonal problems
Imaginative development through dramatization, creative storytelling, and role playing
Science experiences including blowing bubbles, flying kites, planting seeds, weather, and experiments
Fine motor skills through a variety of puzzles, pegboards, stringing beads, construction sets, and art materials including scissors, glue, markers, and crayons
Understanding of math concepts through classifying, sorting, patterning, number recognition, and computer skills
Aesthetic expression and appreciation through art and music, both cultural and intellectual, and including a variety of art media
Excerpted from the preschool's website