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Lansdowne Friends School

110 North Landsdowne Ave
Lansdowne, PA 19050

(610) 623-2548


The school will hold open houses on November 9, December 9, January 13, February 8, March 10, and April 14. For more information or to make appointment, visit our website or give us a call: 610-623-2548.

Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

From the Director:

The mission of Lansdowne Friends School is to engage students in a challenging educational program guided by Quaker values, especially those of respect for all people and peaceful problem solving. Respect for all calls us to honor the racial, religious, economic and cultural diversity of our students. We treasure each child and cultivate creative compassionate, and capable individuals. Peaceful problem solving calls us to work cooperatively and to practice non-violent responses to conflict. We recognize the spirituality of life by encouraging reflection in weekly Meeting for Worship and by offering opportunities that enable students to construct knowledge from direct experience. Our program supports academic growth and responsible stewardship of our earth.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Education at Lansdowne Friends School is based on a belief in the presence of God within each person. Weekly Meetings for Worship, in keeping with Friends' tradition, brings us together to nurture an awareness of this presence. Central to our philosophy is faith in the integrity of each child. Our respect for the individual leads us to care for one another and for the larger community.

Lansdowne Friends School provides models and opportunities for children as they develop academically, socially, and spiritually. Our goals for children include: growth in academic skills; cultivation of an inner discipline and a strong sense of self; enjoyment of learning; development of compassion and care for others.

We provide opportunities for self-directed learning and for the application of that learning. We teach life skills needed to preserve good health, to serve the community, and to settle differences peacefully.

Lansdowne Friends School challenges and supports children in their growth as creative and capable human beings. Children and teachers work in developmentally appropriate formal and informal learning settings. Together they strengthen and refine problem solving, decision making and academic skills.

Our program builds on the natural curiosity our children have for their immediate surroundings and supports exploration of their ever unfolding world.