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Montessori Children's House

220 Upland Avenue
Horsham, PA 19044

(215) 641-1761


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General School Mission

"Dr. Maria Montessori was a strong believer in the integrity and the innate intelligence of every child. Through intensive observation of young children, she developed a method of hands-on education which allows a child to facilitate his or her own learning under the guidance of a supportive, caring teacher. As children work with the materials which Dr. Montessori created, they develop into independent, self-motivated students with a love of learning and a desire to know and experience the world around them.

At Montessori Children's House, our mission is to embody the educational principles of Dr. Maria Montessori in a close-knit, caring community of children, parents and teachers. We strive to provide children with the tools and the desire to create their own learning, and to provide both support and resources for parents as they facilitate their children's growth.

Excerpted from the preschool's website