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St Michael School

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Greenville, PA 16125

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"As members of the Catholic Christian Community of Saint Michael School, we are called to communicate
the message of Jesus Christ through the integration of religious truths and values with life and learning. We
believe that every child is a unique individual endowed by God with a body, mind and soul that must be nurtured.
It is the responsibility of our school and its teachers to create an environment that enables children to learn
and live the truths and traditions of our Catholic faith. This is accomplished through religious instruction,
participation in the sacramental life of the Church, an active prayer life, the witness of teachers and parents, and
service to others.
We also believe that the parent is the primary educator of the child and that we should assist the parent in
his/her responsibility of providing a religious education for his/her child. This religious development is the
foundation upon which the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development proceeds.
Academically, each student is presented the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to function effectively
in society. These skills include: the ability to read with understanding, to solve problems with accuracy, to reason
with intelligence and to be aware of the changing environment.
Saint Michael School offers a strong, supportive environment to nurture the child's self-concept and build
self-esteem. Each student is given the opportunity to develop according to his/her individual potential, so that
throughout life there may be the desire for and love of learning and the capabilities for continued growth.
It is our belief that a child's intellectual gr
owth proceeds in stages from concrete experiences to abstract
concepts. With the teacher's support and encouragement, the strengths and talents of the individual are identified
and developed.
We further believe that the intellectual development of the child is greatly enhanced by a structured
presentation of logically sequenced subject matter in a positive environment. In this positive environment,
opportunities for creative and spontaneous learning experiences are also provided. When coupled with a variety
of teaching methods designed to realize the uniqueness of the individual, this environment will hopefully provide
numerous learning experiences for the St. Michael student.
The personal development of each child occurs within the framework of the Two Great Commandments - to
love God and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. With these principles as a guide, the child is
encouraged from the very beginning, to enter into a personal relationship with God, to value his/her own selfworth
and to respect the rights and dignity of each person.
The social and personal development of the child are closely related. The values fostered by these Two
Great Commandments will hopefully enable the child to realize his/her role as a contributing member of the many
communities to which he/she belongs - home, school, Church, city, country, and world. A sense of responsibility,
a desire to serve others, and a respect for other's rights are qualities valued by the Christian community. Our
teachers and staff strive to serve as role models, helpers, and supporters by providing consistent examples of
Christian behavior.
The Saint Michael child is encouraged to appreciate and accept the human body as God's creation. It is,
therefore, important that the child be taught to care for and respect his/her body. Although this care and concern
is evident in every area of school life, it is emphasized in physical education classes. A physical education
program incorporating the development of basic motor skills, good sportsmanship, competitive and noncompetitive
games, exercise and wellness concepts are provided for weekly for each grade level K-8.
The religious development of the Saint Michael child is directly correlated to all other areas of school life.
Christian values and the teachings of the Catholic Church provide the foundation for this development. Through
liturgies, retreats, prayers and celebrations each child participates in an active way to more fully realize the
development of this religious nature.
Diocesan policy provides the framework for school procedures. Policies specific to Saint Michael School are
developed through cooperative efforts of the pastor, principal, school board and faculty.
With diocesan curriculum policies as a guide, the principal and faculty determine the curriculum policies of
Saint Michael School. Pupil needs and progress, current educational research and methods, and the knowledge
of learning theory help us to establish our curriculum.
When adjustments to the curriculum are necessary to meet the special needs of an individual student, the
principal and teachers may implement these adjustments. It is important that these adjustments be made with
parental knowledge and that constant monitoring and documentation be provided.
Evaluation of students and staff is a continuous process. The evaluation must always be done in a positive
manner so that the values of growth and change are promoted.
Student evaluation is conducted through the use of informal and standardized tests and measures. These
tests and measures compare the student's abilities with their own capabilities and those of the group. Parent
conferences and use of the diocesan report card help to convey student performance.
The pastor and the teachers annually evaluate the principal on forms provided by the Catholic Schools
Office. Teachers are formally evaluated annually by the principal on similar rating forms. All evaluations are
discussed with the person evaluated.
The teaching process is organized according to the needs of the student and the teachers' areas of expertise
and certification. Methods of instruction will vary due to individual teaching styles and personalities. Teachers are
free to use methods and materials that succeed best in their hands, such as - group instruction, projects, problem
solving and individual teaching.
By their witness and their behavior, teachers are of the first importance to impart a distinctive character to
Catholic schools. For this reason, St. Michael teachers are called to work together as professionals who value
each other as persons. Essential to this working relationship are the qualities of integrity, loyalty, honesty and
The same qualities important in teacher-to-teacher relationships are also important in teacher-student
relationships. The teacher is called to be a positive, Christian role model for each child she encounters. It is
essential, in today's world, for the teacher to encourage open communication, and to be responsive to individual
student academic and personal needs. The role of the parent is crucial in the educational process. Teachers and
parents must work together for the benefit of the student. Both must strive to communicate honestly, listen
objectively and willingly accept their responsibility for pupil growth.
Our belief that teachers impart a distinctive character to Catholic Schools emphasizes the vital role of the
teacher. Each teacher is called to go beyond her professional responsibilities and expectations and give of her
time and talents to build up the Saint Michael School family."
Excerpted from the preschool's website