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A Typical Day

"A Typical Day at The Schoolhouse in Flourtown
Morning: The children begin the school day with free play. Toys, puzzles, dress-up clothes, games and blocks are available while the children take turns working in small groups with their teachers. Circletime is held after cleanup to discuss daily events and lessons. Outside play, visiting resource people (that's Mother Goose to the right), snack-time, science learning about insects, left) and music complete the morning educational program. The older children also have reading readiness and math activities.
Lunch is a time for the classes together together to talk and take the time to eat the lunch sent by parents. Teachers encourage the children to eat their "healthy, growing foods" before the "sometimes foods" are consumed. The children play quietly before going outside to the playground until rest-time begins. Healthy, nutritious foods and beverages of low sugar content are served during the morning and afternoon programs. Parents are encouraged to send in a snack for the entire class in the event of a birthday or special event.
Rest-Time: The children rest before the afternoon activities begin. The length of rest-time varies according to the age of the child.
Afternoon Activities include art, sports, movies, cooking and gardening. Outside play, snack-time, quiet reading, puzzles and story-time complete the afternoon educational program.
The Late Afternoon (3:30 - 6:00 p.m.) is informal and unstructured. Even with a rest period earlier in the day, the children tend to be tired. They are encouraged to play quiet games, go outside to the playground and listen to stories read to them by the After-School Staff. Parents arrive at their scheduled time to take their children home.
Schoolhouse students go outside several times each day. During colder weather, it is very important that they brings hats, scarves, boots and other outer clothing to ensure their comfort. A change of clothes appropriate to the season must be kept at the Schoolhouse.
Excerpted from the preschool's website