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Flanagan's Preschool

2 Iron Bridge Drive
Collegeville, PA 19426

(480) 607-7552


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Remember the last time you looked at something in wonderment? It was something so unique and interesting that it stopped you in your tracks. We aim to create those moments of wonderment each day as children are being exposed to new things all the time. It is wonderment that makes a child associate learning with fun and leads to a successful approach to school as they grow up.

While other schools cut programs, increase class sizes and fall short of educational expectations, Flanagan's Preschool offers you and your child a world of choices suited to your family’s needs and balanced by small class sizes and an educational experience that is second to none.

We’re not only educators but we’re parents too. We know first-hand how much you want to stay connected with your child and what they are learning. Together, we chart a course for your child with an on-going dialogue to share ideas and progress. In short, you’ll be constantly informed about the development and progress of your child.

Keeping children safe during their day at Flanagan's Preschool is of utmost importance. Our teachers establish guidelines in the classroom to involve children in a world of exploration, and for keeping them safe during that exploration.

We believe that it is a school’s responsibility to extend a child’s sense of wonder outside the classroom. Whether it is through SMARTBOARDS™ connecting classrooms across the country or our philanthropy projects that teach the joy of serving others, Flanagan's Preschool is committed to the idea that community is a vital part of our lives.