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Ewing Hills Preschool

30 5th Street
Carnegie, PA 15106

(412) 279-7722


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Ewing Hills Preschool is a place to learn and grow and has been for 44 years. Formally know as "Ewing Hills Children's Ranch," Ewing Hills Preschool lives up to its name by preparing students ready for kindergarten. Our educational staff consists of a teacher with a degree in early childhood education and a teachers aide to help guide the students in the right direction.
Our school believes that there should be time for play, for learning, and having fun. There are two rooms filled with educational toys, games, play areas, and art activities where the students can play. The school has an outdoor play area where students can be with nature. There are many trees, plants and birds to look at around the school. This leads to many educational learning experiences. Unlike other schools, technology is not a primary factor in our educational program. We believe that playing on the computer and watching television should be for home and future education. Our school focuses on developing the gross motor skills like writing, cutting, coloring and running, the many needs a young child requires to develop properly. Having fun is part of every process of learning at Ewing Hills Preschool. We also believe that discipline, structure and guidance is a big part of learning. Using these two philosophies, the students get a great education and will know the disciplinary and educational skills to prepare them for kindergarten.
Our goal is to have all students ready for kindergarten. Throughout the year our staff will document and date skill levels your child has achieved and educate the students in areas which they might be experiencing some difficulty. Twice a year there will be developmental charts sent home, so you, as a parent, can see what skill levels your child has mastered.
Ewing Hills Preschool believes your child should have the chance have fun, develop self-realization, and learn at the same time.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Daily Schedule :
Circle Time
Free play/1-on-1 Work Time
Clean Up Time
Music/Restroom Time
Snack Time
Pledge of Allegiance

atriotic songs
Outside Play/Dancing
Time to Leave"
Excerpted from the preschool's website