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Church Of The Nazarene

1550 Northeast Market Street
Salem, OR 97301

(503) 581-3680


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Spiritual Development
Our goal is that each child will recognize who God is, have knowledge of His unconditional love, accept His love in their lives, and learn to share God's love with others.
Intellectual Development
Children develop a sense of autonomy by having opportunities to solve problems. Children are provided with an environment and activities that stimulate intellectual growth at each child's developmental level.
Social Development
Children are taught how to work, play, respect, and care for others and their feelings. This is accomplished through many activities that promote social interaction, such as group time, play time, dramatic play, and classroom activities. We also learn about Jesus' most important law--to love one another.
Emotional Development
Our goal is to build a positive self-image. Children are taught of God's love and acceptance of them. They are provided with a loving and accepting environment which encourages self-expression and creative expression.
Physical Development
Gross motor activities are important for physical development. Children have access to an outdoor playground and an indoor gymnasium. These areas are used for organized group time and free choice time
Excerpted from the preschool's website