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Shining Star Waldorf School

2120 NE Tillamook
Portland, OR 97211

(503) 753-4459


Waldorf School with PS/K mixed classes to grade 4. We provide homeschool support programs with 3-4 day PS/K classes, and 1-4 day grades programs. We offer a German Immersion PS/K, the Traumtanzer, and the Linden Tree PS/K, also our grades classes offfer German, Strings, Handwork, and Choir 2 x per week. Waldorf is an artistic approach that supports the whole-child development and nurtures the imagination. We eschew the use of computers for the younger children and focus on community festivals and interaction to form strong community bonds and foster friendships. Please read about our fine school (65 children this year) on our website.

Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based, Waldorf

From the Director:

Waldorf education is a unique approach that works out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner, philospher and creative thinker. We are one of 1000 + Waldorf schools around the world, and we support and protect childhood. Children play in our PS/K programs, love Mother Nature, and grow in imagination and creativity, in the grades we gently bring the academics but by 4th grade, our students surpass many other educational outcomes in reading, math, thinking, problem solving, and artistic prowess. Waldorf teaches the children via head, heart, and hands, and our children can knit, build, solve, model, move, act, sing, play flutes and strings, speak foreign languages, compose poems and songs, tell terrific stories, and write with insight and perception. Plus they are kind, friendly, innocent, and loving.

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

Learning Philosophy & Tools

  Play- based mostly teacher led not formally in curriculum conducive environment
Oral language  
Nursery rhymes, poems, songs  
Storybook reading  
Emerging literacy skills  
Cognitive development
Math & number sense
Time & space
Sci. reasoning/physical world more

More Information

  • A place for science activities such as growing plants
Music more

More Information

  • Musical instruments
Visual arts more

More Information

  • Materials such as paint, ink, paintbrushes, crayons, markers, chalk, paper, etc.
  • Art work on the walls
Physical activity more

More Information

  • A playground with climbing equipment
  • Bean bags, balls, and other objects that children can throw, kick, and play
  • Enough room for children to move around and play and a suitable indoor alternative to the outdoor playground on rainy days
Other subjects taught Handwork, crafts, fine arts, modeling, movement

From the Director:

We follow the Waldorf school curriculum for our children.

Quality of Teaching

Individualized Teaching: From the Director

We treat all children with dignity, respect, humor, and esteem beauty, goodness, and truth. We meet each child as an individual.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

We are following the path of Waldorf schools all over the world, nurturing childhood, protecting and nourishing the imagination, play, and social development. We are an ungraded, no-formal testing school where human beings are respected and honored. Please note we do advise the avoidance of media influences on the young child, i.e, computer, video, tv, movies, and so on.

A Typical Day

In the PS/K we enjoy free play, seasonal circle, story, crafts and arts, cooking, foreign language from native speakers, outdoor play, and magical festivals.

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

We offer monthly parent meetings, seasonal parent education courses, and much more.


Separation is Handled through:

  • Home visits by teachers
  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school
  • Small group sessions
  • Extra staff dedicated to handle separation
  • Parents in classroom early on