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The Triad School

4849 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Triad School addresses the realities and demands of the evolving technological revolution. This revolution is already upon us. Our children use this technology every day in the form of games and music. Their workplace will require them to use technology as tools. They will need the ability to find their way on the internet, access and design websites for their employers, and communicate with people to create new products on the computer that we cannot yet imagine.
In answer to the academic needs of our students, our school implements an Activity Based Curriculum model coupled with the technological tools of a multi-media classroom.
An “Activity Based Curriculum” (A.B.C.) approach to teaching is designed to maximize students' learning through the use of a variety of activity types such as hands-on projects, research, multi-media presentations, discussions, etc. This approach is intended to reach all the learning styles so that all students come away from each area of study with a truly “three-dimensional” and enduring understanding of the material.
Foundationally, the school provides students with the essential skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, problem solving, listening, speaking, critical thinking and communication across the disciplines; it also presents opportunities for students to exhibit the capacity to learn, think, reason, retrieve information and work effectively alone and in groups.
Some classes at the Triad School are set up using a “blended classroom” approach:
Two teachers instruct grades 3-4 in one contained classroom.
Two teachers instruct grades 5-6 in one contained classroom.
Multiple teachers teach the junior high and high school.
There are several advantages to the blended classroom. First, teachers are teamed, allowing them to work together and emphasize their individual areas of strength regarding teaching style, lesson planning, and discipline. Secondly, the class offers the students the benefits of a one-room schoolhouse. Children mentor one another. Younger ones are taught and encouraged by the older ones, and upper-grade students have opportunities to apply and test their knowledge and leadership abilities. All students' growth and development accelerates in a blended class.
The future workplace that we are preparing our students for academically and technologically will most likely be a valueless place. Things will be moving so fast that ethics will become more blurred that they are already. Only people with their eyes on Christ will be able to find their way through the ethical fog. Therefore the implementation of every technological tool and academic concept will be grounded in Christian values and teachings."
Excerpted from the preschool's website