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Growing Tree Children's Ctr

1080 Ne 4th St
Bend, OR 97701-4535

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Young children need understanding and consistent relationships with adults to foster positive self-images.
Programs must be flexible and responsive to children's needs.
We provide a clean, reliable, safe, and healthy environment for children, full of opportunity for social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.
Children benefit from challenges, guidance, and the opportunity to develop at their own pace.
Our programs strengthen family and community needs.

Infants- Seeds
6 weeks - 18 months
We understand that for many of you this is your first experience leaving your baby. Our goal at Growing Tree is to make your baby feel safe, secure, and nurtured while in our care. It is a joy for us to have the opportunity to take care of the most important person in your life. At Growing Tree, our job is to be available and responsive to your families needs each and every day.

18 - 30 months
Our goal at Growing Tree is to make your toddler feel safe, secure, and nurtured while in our care. Toddlers are starting to stretch their wings and assert themselves, at the same time they need to have clear limits set and routines established. Our toddlers thrive on the praise we give them for their new accomplishments which in turn builds a positive sense of self.

Two's - Buds
2 ½ years~3 years
At Growing Tree we believe that children learn through play. Play is a child's work. In the Bud classroom you will see many different age appropriate activities set up for the children to explore. Each activity has a different developmental focus which instill confidence, self esteem, and a love of learning.

3 years old
As you enter the Branch room you will observe a very busy classroom with age appropriate activities going on in every learning center of the room! We truly believe that children learn through play and if offered the appropriate materials they will initiate, express, and explore many new experiences thus building self confidence.

4 years old
As you enter the Blossom room you can expect to see a room of curious learners who love to explore their environment. Developing a positive self image and a love of learning is the foundation for all future learning. We encourage and give children the opportunity to:
Be responsible for him/herself and their environment
Respect others
Grow and develop at their own pace
Excerpted from the preschool's website