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Sylvania Children's Center

3421 Talmadge Road
Toledo, OH 43606

(419) 537-1122


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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Sylvania Children's Center is a small preschool emphasizing a developmental approach to the education of young children between the ages of eighteen months and six years old.
A developmentally appropriate curriculum implemented by a qualified, professional staff emphasizes a warm, accepting environment and a variety of opportunities to experience and explore. Our curriculum emphasizes activities appropriate for the age of the children and all aspects of development in body, mind and spirit. We are small by design allowing for small classes, favorable teacher-child ratios, and quality interaction.
Our program offers reserved pre-school spaces as well as extended day care hours. Options include morning and afternoon pre-school sessions as well as extended hours as we strive to remain flexible to accommodate your individual needs.
Enrollment and questions: call (419) 537-1122 for further information and an appointment to come in and see for yourself.
Our Major Goal remains the ultimate growth of the child through problem solving, creating, manipulating, exploring and experimenting.
Children Develop at Their Own Pace in All Areas: cognitive, motivational, social, and physical. Programs are individualized and classes are small to address the differences in interests, skills, and rates of learning.
Children Learn Best Through Play. Play offers success, eases tensions, helps decision making, aids creativity and cooperation, and develops competency. Children learn to direct many of their own activities as well as to live effectively with other children.
The Emotional Relationship Between Teacher and Child is Very Important. The role of the teacher is characterized by warmth and affection. Identification with a teacher helps the child to develop desirable values, attitude, and behaviors.
A Positive Self-Concept is Vital. A child seeks knowledge and understanding about himself-about how his body function, his family, and his community. A child needs a sense of belonging in order to function more freely in relating to other children. Children can develop a sense of concern and responsibility for each other - a step necessary toward the development of the community.
Process is More Important Than Product. Our materials do not present a preconceived content or method. In contrast, we will provide opportunity for errors and repairs as well as an open creative attitude toward problem solving. Materials that inherently allow for many ways of achieving success are emphasized.
Parents Will Be Included in the Decision Making and Operation of the Program Whenever Possible. Constructive parental involvement benefits the program and, most importantly, the children.
Excerpted from the preschool's website